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Indx is a modern search system that stands out from the established monoliths with its simplicity, efficiency, flexibility and unique functionality.

What makes indx different from other search engines?

Get started

C# NuGet 📦

dotnet add package IndxSearchLib

Github: indx-csharp-console

RestAPI 📡

Register as a developer for RestAPI access

Project for loading data: Github: indx-restapi-load

Project for searching data: Github: indx-restapi-search


📗Rest API v3.3📕C# .NET API with linked class library v3.3

Futher reading

⚙️Core concepts🔮Best practices


v3.3 with simplified API and better support for special characters
v3.2.1 with fuzzy coverage queries
v3.2 with simplified configuration and improved coverage
v3.1 with Coverage algorithm and increased performance

Community & resources

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