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Indx is a modern search system that stands out from the established monoliths with its simplicity, efficiency, flexibility and unique functionality.

What makes indx different from other search engines?
  • Firstly, it uses a pattern recognition system, rather than a linguistic model. This means that the search engine can recognize fragments of the same pattern, and the length and shape of the pattern will affect the recognition.
  • Secondly, the entire search string is indexed, which allows the system to recognize relationships between hierarchies, unlike traditional search systems which merely index single words.
  • Thirdly, Indx is designed without concepts of words, punctuation, or language, which eliminates common challenges encountered with search, such as stop words.
  • Lastly, Indx is more tolerant of mistakes than traditional search systems, making it easier for users to find what they need. The search system also uses a unique relevance ranking system to analyze the frequency of patterns, and it can handle hundreds of indexes running concurrently. Additionally, it has merge functionality with high performance, and it supports both key-based and word-based filters.

Why does the increased speed of indx compared to competitors matter?
  1. Superior Efficiency: With a benchmarked lightning-fast response time of 0.08ms, our system outpaces competitors by a significant margin. This means it can accomplish more tasks with a single server, translating into cost savings and improved server utilization.
  2. Enhanced Scalability: Our system's remarkable speed allows it to handle a much larger number of simultaneous searches and user requests. This scalability ensures a smoother and more responsive user experience, even during peak usage periods.
  3. Eco-Friendly Performance: By responding hundreds of times faster, our system not only saves time but is also more environmentally friendly. Its efficiency translates into reduced energy consumption, contributing to a greener, more sustainable operation.


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